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Texas at its best-Bradshaw  
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Facts and Career Highlights

 Real Name: John Layfield
 Height: 6'6'
 Weight: 290
 Date of Birth: November 29,1967
 From: Sweetwater, Texas
 Resides: Athens, Texas.
 Pro Debut: September 23, 1992
 Finishing Move: Clothesline from Hell
 Trained by: Brad Rheingans
 A.K.A. John Hawk (CWA, GWF, Independents), Texas Hawk,(Europe) Justin Hawk Bradshaw (WWF),   
Blackjack Bradshaw ( WWF),  Bradshaw (WWF),  Death Mask (WAR)
Vampiro Americano (AAA)

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John Layfield wrestled for the GWF in Texas as John Hawk.
Hawk formed a Tag team collaboration with the late Bobby Duncum Jr. as the Texas Mustangs.
The Texas Mustangs defeated Black Bart and Johnny Mantel on November 27,1992 in Dallas, Texas for the Tag Team titles( a great birthday present I bet for John.)
The team held the for a full year before losing them to Bad Breed.
Hawk and the Equalizer Defeated Black Bart and Butch Blackheart on June 16, 1993 for the USWF Tag Team titles in Laredo,Texas.
Christmas Day 1993, Hawk and Black Bart Defeated Steven Dane and Chaz Taylor in Dallas Texas for the GWF Tag Team titles.
Hawk toured Germany in 1994, for Otto Wanz's CWA promotion.
Hawk won the NWA North American Title from Kevin Von Erich on January 13, 1995.
Cannonball Grizzly and John Hawk captured the CWA Tag Team titles from Ulf Herman and August Smisl on November 5, 1995 in Olden burg, Germany.
John Leyfield then entered the WWF in 1996 as Justin Bradshaw.
Justin Bradshaw beat Savio Vega at the July 1996 In Your House.
He later changed his ring name to Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw.
He eventually joined fellow Sweetwater, Texas native Barry Windham(who I had terrible crush on at age 14) as the New Blackjacks. Dying his hair  black cutting it short and sporting a thick black mustache to look like his partner.(doesn't matter to me I think he's sexy blonde or brunette.)
Blackjack Bradshaw Defeated NWA North American Champion Jeff Jarrett through DQ, when Jarrett used Jim Corrnett's tennis racket on his opponent.
A Fully Loaded 1998 Terry Funk and Bradshaw fought 2 Cold Scorpio and Faarooq to a no contest.
At Breakdown in Ontario, Canada, Bradshaw defeated Vader.
Bradshaw then teamed up with Faarooq as the Acolytes and eventually they joined the Undertaker's*, Ministry of Darkness.
At the 1999 Backlash the Acolytes and Mideon defeated the Brood in a six man tag match in Providence, RI.
The Acolytes defeated the Hardyz* and Michael P.S. Hayes for the world Tag Team titles at the 1999 Fully Loaded.
At Summerslam 1999 the Acolytes won a tag team turmoil match in Minneapolis, MN.
The Acolytes defeated the Dudley Boyz* at the 1999 Unforgiven.
At Armageddon the Acolytes won an eight team battle royal to earn a title shot at the next Royal Rumble.
The Acolyte Protection Agency *(APA) was born on the January 31, 2000 episode of Raw , when the Mean Street Posse became their first customers.
At Fully Loaded in Dallas, Texas the APA defeated the WWF tag team champions Edge and Christian* via DQ.
At Wrestlemania X7 in Houston, Texas the APA and Tazz defeated the Right to Censor *(Goodfather, Val Venus and Bull Buchanan) in a six man tag match.
At Insurrextion (in the UK) Bradshaw defeated the Big Show in an all out brawl after Show challenged that no one on the planet could defeat him one-on-one.
Bradshaw and Faarooq won the MCW Southern Tag Titles from the Haas Brothers on June 13, 2001.
On Monday June 26, 2001 from Madison Square Garden, the APA led the rest of the locker room in, what would be the beginning of a war against the* WCW's" InVasion" of the WWF.
On July 9th 2001 during a phenomenal  Raw is War in Atlanta GA, the APA win the WWF Tag Team Titles from the Dudley Boyz.
Sunday July 22, 2001 at InVasion the APA beat the WCW Tag Team Champions (Sean O'haire and Chuck Polumbo)in a nontitle bout, proving they are wrestlings greatest Tag Team Champions.