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Texas at its best-Bradshaw  
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Contact me
E-mail me
If you have any pics of Bradshaw that you would allow me to use in my site please send them via e-mail, along with any info you would like posted.  
 Any candid photos or photos from his  football days or  his first years in the ring would be greatly appreciated.
I do not get to the shows to take my own pics, since they rarely come to Michigan where I live, so any pictures are very happily received.

If you have any corrections or information please e-mail me at, .

If you would like to chat with me I am usually found online in the WWF Wrestling Chat room, or if  you would like to Instant Message me my IM is almost always on and open.

I can also be contacted at

I will try to be as true and correct with the information on this site as I can possibly be.  Any and all updates will come directly from and not from any rumor pages or sites.  
Any rumors that I put on this site will be labeled as such.

All comments and observations will come from me.  I will try to update as much as possible (most likely biweekly.)   My pictures come from many sources and I will try to label them all with the proper information.

I do not know John Layfield personally nor do I have any personal information about him (if I ever did meet him I would probably faint at his feet, and you would later read about it on this site!).
 If I did have personal information about him I would not divulge it to others. Any information I will and can  give is all on this site.

 Hopfully some day he will see and approve of my hard work, since there doesn't seem to be any other web sites expressly devoted to him.

This site was first created March 9, 2001.  

~~~Thank you for visiting my site!!~~~
I am not affiliated with the WWF or WWFE inc. I am just a long time fan who wants to show
 my appreciation for my  favorite WWF superstar.  Most of the pictures do come from
and if you would like more, I suggest you go view the site, you'll find the link on my links page.